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xlormp's Journal

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The Most Popular Book in the Whole World
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"this is very weird. the writing isn't even good, at all. i mean, your weird ideas and -little sense to be made- kind of grabs people because its so unusual, but really it looks like you dont speak english at all. I dont mean to be harsh, but i see your comments, and everyone is so thrilled to read your story. I honstely don't know whats going on. you must be the twighlight zone because this is beyond weird.

i cant continue on because it honestly makes me want to break my computer. my tone isnt really nasty right now, i dont mean to hrt your feelings, but it probably might. and you might flame at me or something. but i'm not coming back to this site again, so you can do that if you want to. but w-t-f doesnt cut it here.

im just angry at how little sense it's making.
the more i read. so im done reading it. srry mate.

you could say im not open minded, and to this stuff, ill agree. i dont except insanity [ the bad kind ]"


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