The Most Popular Book in the Whole World (xlormp) wrote,
The Most Popular Book in the Whole World

News From The Totally Overwhelmed Front

Okay, as of this morning, we've hit the 700 mark. (I say "we", really, it's just me, but I kind of feel like everyone that reads the story is in this with me!) I am completely floored. I'm trying really, really hard to reply to every comment, but there are A LOT. You guys are seriously too awesome for me. I really appreciate every single comment, I'm reading them all, and I'm still determined to get to all of them to reply. (I said "really" way too much in this paragraph.)

EDIT: I forgot to mention: I'm doing my best to add everyone back, but livejournal has been popping up and yelling, "YOU'RE TRYING TO FRIEND TOO MANY PEOPLE AT ONCE, OMG!!!" So if I don't friend you back yet, it doesn't mean I don't love you!

I've had a lot of people ask questions or make suggestions, so I'm going to give some general information here:

Are you a lady or a dude?
I am a very sophisticated lay-dee.

Do you have an age?
I do, it is 24 Earth years.

Can I friend you?

Is it okay if I make icons/draw something awesome/write sweet fanfic based on this?
Double absolutely!

Mind if I link to this on (something linkable)?
Not at all!

Will you marry me?
If you don't mind sharing! ;)

Are you going to try to get this business published?
I don't plan on pursuing any serious publishing companies with this particular story, but I am quite fond of the self-publishing site Lulu, so it's pretty dang feasible a book form of this is going to end up there. Possibly with some bonus stories?

Are you going to parody the rest of the series?
When I first started banging out this nonsense, my original plan was "it depends". But enough people have threatened/bribed me with various things that the answer is now "Yes".

How do you pronounce "Xlormp"?

How do you pronounce "Zmeephish-Q"?
"ZMEE-fish Q".

Sorry about commenting on every chapter!

Okay...I think that's about it. If you have any other questions for me, I guess this is the post to ask them?

ANYWAY SO a lot of completely amazing people have crafted hilarious icons based on this story, which is awesome and incredible and I don't have enough creative adjectives for it, really. I wanted to showcase them, because every time I see icons with something I wrote on them, it completely blows my mind:

First of all, in case you missed her credit before, the default icon for this journal was made by jehnt. It was the first Xlormp icon ever and I'm totally in love with it.

malikmaniac also made me a few icons a while back, and they are still awesome, and I still love them:

More recently, kirra made a CRAPTON of icons:


The rest are available on her userinfo

Other beautiful icons were made by ladykatyjane!

And then suckmyspock made a whole SLEW of Xlormp-related icons for your viewing pleasure:


And oh my goodness there is now officially a "Team Xlormp" (by request? *faints*)

The rest are over here!

YOU GUYS KNOW HOW THE INTERNET WORKS. No hot-linking, credit the amazing creators, leave them nice comments saying nice things because I'm sure they are all nice people.

ANOTHER EDIT: Oh my gosh, I can't believe I forgot about this, opaleyes did an amazing photoshop job of Xlormp in his foosball gear:

I'm pretty sure I mentioned everyone that crafted something awesome. If you did and I forgot you, tell me! I want to showcase your wonderfulness!

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