The Most Popular Book in the Whole World (xlormp) wrote,
The Most Popular Book in the Whole World

LJ Idol - Wanna Help Me Out?

Hey guys! I'm not sure how many of you know about or follow the phenomenon that is LJ Idol, but basically, it's a writing competition where people get voted off every week, much like a reality show. Fools and masochists enter to get their hopes and dreams crushed.

I'm participating in a mini-season that's currently in the third week. This week I wrote about boobs, but I guess there's no pleasing some people because so far I don't appear to be getting as many votes as weeks past. Anyway, should you be bored and logged in and enjoy filling out polls, I'm participating under my regular lj name, kandigurl. The poll is here and the deadline for voting is Monday at 8 PM EST.

If you actually want to read what you're voting for, the entry I posted this week is here.

And I'm kinda trying to write sections of a longer YA piece with each entry, so if you want to know what else has happened thus far (which isn't necessary for understanding this week's entry, as I'm attempting to make each piece stand on its own), week one's entry is here and week two is here.

Have any of you guys ever done LJ Idol before? How did you fare?

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